Benefits and How to Get One

You are a 'legislative specialist' but are not a member of our research committee? Join our committee and get informed about upcoming events of RCLS, present your papers on RCLS conferences, discuss most recent research developments and stay in touch with the community.

RCLS has a mailing list whose members get informed about RCLS activities and their members. If you wish to be on this mailing list, please mail our webmaster, Sebastian Hünermund.

The membership fee is 25 USD per two years, starting from 1 January 2017. See our Newsletter Nr. 1 on page 3 for information on how to pay it.

Here are the information how to become a RC08 member.


Membership of research committees is open to political scientists who are members of national associations affiliated to IPSA, and to individual members of IPSA.

Research committees should be as representative as possible of the different approaches in their special fields, and of the countries and regions of political scientists who conduct research in these fields. They should also make appropriate provision for the inclusion of women, young scholars (including doctoral students) and other disadvantaged groups.

Research committee officials must be dues-paying individual members of IPSA.

Membership of RCs is open to all individual members of IPSA and to all members of national associations affiliated to IPSA as collective members. The former may ask to be put in touch with particular RCs by so indicating on their IPSA membership form. Others may join by contacting the chairs of the committees in question.


Membership fee payment

The membership fee is 25 USD per two years, starting from 1 January of the calendar year. How to pay it:

WIRE TRANSFERS (in US $) should have the following information:
From: ………………(SENDER`S NAME)
To: Frederick Stapenhurst
1227 Sherbrooke Street West - 35
Montreal, QCH3G1G1

TD Canada Trust
1130 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, QC

Account #/IBAN: 47581-004 -7137426

AND an email should be sent to Frederick Stapenhurst ( by the sender advising that a payment has been sent.  This is very important, without this informative email it is not possible to verify the sender of the payment.

CHEQUES (IN US $) can be sent to me for deposit and should be clearly marked `For RCLS` in the memo section.

Frederick Stapenhurst
(McGill University)
1227 Sherbrooke Street West - 35
Montreal, QC