RC08 - Legislative Specialists

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C) Paper Room

This is the virtual Paper Room of RCLS. Members of RCLS may use this platform in order to distribute papers they are willing to share with the community of legislative specialists.

Papers presented in 2011:

  • Schindler, Siefken, 2011, Going Home. Paper presented at the International Workshop of RCLS and RECON on “Changing Modes of Parliamentary Representation” in Prague, October 2011.

Papers presented in 2010:

All these papers were prepared for the 2010 conference “Twenty Years After: Parliamentary Democracy and Parliamentary Representation in Post-Communist Europe" organized by the Collaborative Research Centre 580 at the Universities of Jena and Halle (SFB 580) in collaboration with the Working Group Democracy Studies of the German Political Science Association (DVPW) in Jena/Germany.

Papers presented in 2008:

Published on Thursday, July 30 2009 by Erik Fritzsche, M.A.