RCLS2011panelRCLS met in Prague together with RECON WP3 for a workshop on "Changing Modes of Parliamentary Representation". The conference underlined the great variety of parliamentary research in both theoretical and methodological terms: Papers dealt with national parliaments and the EU, the EP, parliaments in the process of democratization and institutionalization, the theory of institutional evolution, the theory and practices of representation in Europe, France and Germany, socialization of newly elected MPs, corporatism and the revival of parliaments. The presented research dealt with purely theoretical topics, some relied on a heavily quantitative, others on a purely qualitative methodology, and some sought to combine both approaches.
RCLS had a business meeting on Friday. Here are the minutes.
Social events with lively discussions on politics and papers included a nice dinner with a spectacular outlook on the beautiful city of Prague. The well organized conference and the friendly team from the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences turned the good and fruitful conference into an excellent one. Na shledanou, Česká republika!