A new research network, GenParlNet, has been established, linking researchers working on gender-focused parliamentary institutions. At the ECPR Politics and Gender Conference in Barcelona in March there was an unprecedented number of papers on such parliamentary bodies and the opportunity was taken to establish a research network linking researchers in all continents. Three main types of such body have been identified so far: standing committees or commissions operating under standing orders; all-party groups (with a stipulated minimum number of members) approved by presiding officers; cross-party or single party women's caucuses. The Inter-Parliamentary Union began collecting data on such bodies in 2006, although its database is so far strongest on standing committees. Research has been conducted in a range of countries on the mandate of such bodies, their functions, resources, civil-society linkages and perceived effectiveness in terms of enhancing the role of parliaments in gender mainstreaming. GenParlNet is organising at least one panel at the Montreal IPSA Congress 19-24 July 2014 and would welcome suggestions for a collaborative panel linking RC08 and RC19. Please contact Joan Grace or Marian Sawer.