Research Committee of Legislative Specialists (RCLS) invites proposals for papers on wide range of topics to be considered for presentation at the RCLS’s Conference: “Legislatures in the 21 Century: Roles, Issues, and Solutions”.

RCLS is working with the Southern Political Science Association on organizing a conference within a major conference in the USA: 

Legislatures have experienced remarkable changes in response to challenges of the 21 century. We invite papers that discuss new and emerging roles of legislatures, responses to executive challenges, changes in legislative institutions and structures, and analysis of any specific aspects related to the internal operations of legislatures around the world. 

RCLS invites you to join us in this enchanted location of a tropical Caribbean island for meaningful conversations among legislative scholars. We plan to have regular panels and special events there. 

Please forward your proposal to: Dr. Irina Khmelko at 

Deadline for proposals: June 25, 2019.