We would like to strongly encourage you to submit your proposal for a closed panel (the call for open panels was closed on 10 July) to the RC08 session.

A closed panel is defined by IPSA as closed for paper submissions to the general public (submissions by invitation only). It is a pre-organized and complete panel that already has an appointed chair, co-chair, discussant(s) and 4-6 papers. The panel convenor (proposer) will be responsible for sending invitations to the authors (presenters) and accepting all paper abstracts submitted to the panel. A closed panel proposal should, therefore, include a title, a description, 1 chair, 1-2 discussant(s) and 4-6 submitted papers.

For the procedure of how to submit your panel please check the IPSA website: https://wc2020.ipsa.org/wc/submit-panel 

Please note that the deadline for both paper proposals and proposals for closed panels is 10 October.