​The IPSA World Congress in Poznaň (Poland) is coming and we hope that a large number of RC08 members will participate.
There will be a RC08 business meeting on 27 July, 2016, from 19:30 – 20:30 (venue to be announced later). One of the main issues on the agenda this time will be election of a new RC08 Board (formerly Executive Committee). Since the IPSA Congress in Madrid 2012 the Rules has undergone several changes, the latest version binding on us is from May 2016. An extract from the Rules is attached here: Extract_from_the_Guide_for_the_RC_chairs.pdf. The main changes are in the size of the board and in the length of term. In particular, the Board should be smaller than in the past (see http://rc08.ipsa.org/pages/About-RCLS).
To prepare for the elections of Board, and to enable those members who will not be able to join us in Poznaň, we have decided to compile a list of candidates via on-line communication as well as to receive nominations during the Congress, up to the beginning of the business meeting.  Nominated candidates must be members of RCLS and, of course, should be informed and concur  with their nomination.
We look forward to your cooperation in preparing a RC08 business meeting and preparing for Board elections.
Please send your nominations for candidates to:
Rick Stapenhurst, Co-chair, frederick.stapenhurst[a]mcgill.ca
Zdenka Mansfeldova, Co-chair, zdenka.mansfeldova[a]soc.cas.cz
Hilmar Rommetvedt, Program chair, Hilmar.Rommetvedt[a]iris.no