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27Aug 2014

23rd IPSA World Congress of Political Science, July 19-24, 2014, Montréal, Canada - Business Meeting

The business meeting of RC08-Legislative Specialist was held on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 in Montréal. Here are the minutes of the meeting.

21Aug 2013

IPSA World Congress, Montreal 2014: Call for papers and closed panels

RCLS / RC08 will organize 9 open panels at the IPSA World Congress in Montreal 2014. Two of the open panels are co-sponsored by RC03 and RC19 respectively (see here). Abstracts/paper proposals for the open panels, and proposals for closed panels (with invited papers from authors that are already organized to present in the panel) may now be submitted via the IPSA website. Panels should have 4-6 papers. The deadline is 7 October 2013.

24Jun 2013

Call for Papers for an RCLS conference with three panels in Perth, Australia, in October 2013 (2nd notice)

Call for Papers: 2nd Notice The IPSA Research Committee of Legislative Specialists (RCLS) invites papers to be presented at a CWC (conference within a conference) Saturday 5th October in association with the Australasian Study of Parliament Group (ASPG) 2013 Conference 2nd to 4th October, in Perth, Western Australia. We encourage papers proposals on topics related to the following three panels:

  • Parliamentary committees (e.g. the changing roles of Parliamentary Committees; Committee roles in the Legislative Process; Effectiveness of Committees)
  • Public participation and communication between lawmakers and citizens (e.g. community participation; media roles; use of social media)
  • Constituency Development Funds

The CWC will be held in the Ibis Hotel (334 Murray Street, Perth)in the Sugar Function Room. There will be a working lunch option for delegates at a cost of AUD23.00 per person which includes a selection of gourmet sandwiches and rolls, fruit platter, sweets selection and soft drink and juices. Please submit proposals to Ken Coghill, Monash University (ken.coghill@monash.edu) and Peverill Squire, University of Missouri (squirep@missouri.edu). A descriptive title will be sufficient. If you will attend the CWC, whether or not you submit a proposal, please also advise Ken Coghill, Monash University (ken.coghill@monash.edu), to assist with planning catering. Please submit your proposal not later than Friday 19th July.

04Jun 2013

GenParlNet - A Cooperation of RC08 and RC19

A new research network, GenParlNet, has been established, linking researchers working on gender-focused parliamentary institutions. At the ECPR Politics and Gender Conference in Barcelona in March there was an unprecedented number of papers on such parliamentary bodies and the opportunity was taken to establish a research network linking researchers in all continents. Three main types of such body have been identified so far: standing committees or commissions operating under standing orders; all-party groups (with a stipulated minimum number of members) approved by presiding officers; cross-party or single party women's caucuses. The Inter-Parliamentary Union began collecting data on such bodies in 2006, although its database is so far strongest on standing committees. Research has been conducted in a range of countries on the mandate of such bodies, their functions, resources, civil-society linkages and perceived effectiveness in terms of enhancing the role of parliaments in gender mainstreaming. GenParlNet is organising at least one panel at the Montreal IPSA Congress 19-24 July 2014 and would welcome suggestions for a collaborative panel linking RC08 and RC19. Please contact Joan Grace or Marian Sawer.

22Apr 2013

Call for proposals: RCLS panels at the IPSA World Congress, Montreal, Canada, 19 - 24 July 2014

The Research Committee of Legislative Specialists will organize a number of panels at the IPSA World Congress. We would like to discuss ideas for panel topics and welcome proposals focusing on any aspect of legislatures and parliamentary government.

Please send a short outline of the panel proposal as soon as possible to RCLS Program Chair Hilmar Rommetvedt, email: hilmar.rommetvedt@iris.no. For information on the World Congress, see here.

24Jan 2013

RCLS panel on Parliamentary Opposition on the ECPR General Conference 2013

We are pleased to announce that at the next General Conference of the ECPR, Bourdeaux, September 4-7 2013 we are oranizing a panel on Parliamentary Opposition in Europe and we invite you to submit an abstract and participate. Please, find the abstract here. THE DEADLINE for abstract submission is February 1st. You can submit your 300 word abstact on this link (after subscribing to MyECPR):

01Sep 2012

RCLS elected new officers in the 2012 Madrid business meeting

RCLS members have met in Madrid where they had several panels. In an extensive business meeting they have elected new officers. Peverill Squire from University of Missouri and Zdenka Mansfeldová from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic are the new Co-Chairs. Hilmar Rommetvedt was elected Program Chair. Werner J. Patzelt from Dresden University of Technology is officially holding the office of past-co-chair. (See here for contact information). In the future, maybe at the IPSA World Congress in Montreal, RCLS can consider ways of bringing closer colleagues from Asia in a similar way like the colleagues in the US.This would help to increase the visibility of RC08. The RC08 is interested in strengthening the linkages to the national political science associations, as more links between RC08 and domestic political scientists leads to higher RCLS exposure. Another issue is the possible attempt to try to find funding possibilities for comparative initiatives in the future. See here for the business minutes. Collage Madrid 2012

03Jun 2012

RCLS at IPSA WC in Madrid

RCLS will have four panels on the 2012 IPSA World Congress in Madrid (see Table for details). Furthermore, the RCLS business meeting will be held in Madrid on 9 July, 2012, from 17:00 to 18:45 in room "Tutorial 23 C". There, a report on past activities will be given, elections of new officers will be held, and plans for future conferences will be made.

17Oct 2011

RCLS Meeting in Prague on "Changing Modes of Parliamentary Representation"

RCLS2011panelRCLS met in Prague together with RECON WP3 for a workshop on "Changing Modes of Parliamentary Representation". The conference underlined the great variety of parliamentary research in both theoretical and methodological terms: Papers dealt with national parliaments and the EU, the EP, parliaments in the process of democratization and institutionalization, the theory of institutional evolution, the theory and practices of representation in Europe, France and Germany, socialization of newly elected MPs, corporatism and the revival of parliaments. The presented research dealt with purely theoretical topics, some relied on a heavily quantitative, others on a purely qualitative methodology, and some sought to combine both approaches.
RCLS had a business meeting on Friday. Here are the minutes.
Social events with lively discussions on politics and papers included a nice dinner with a spectacular outlook on the beautiful city of Prague. The well organized conference and the friendly team from the Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences turned the good and fruitful conference into an excellent one. Na shledanou, Česká republika!

21Sep 2011

ECPR Antwerp 2012: Minority Rights and Majority Rule in European Legislatures

Paper proposals are now invited for the workshop 'Minority Rights and Majority Rule in European Legislatures' to be held at the ECPR Joint Sessions in Antwerp (10-15 April 2012). The purpose of the workshop is to bring together legislative scholars to examine the conditions under which the rights of individual MPs and opposition parties are curbed (or expanded) in European legislatures. Key questions: What rights do individual MPs and opposition parties have in European legislatures? Do such rights change over time and, if so, how and why? How can cross-country variation in the evolution of such rights be explained? Please click here for additional information on the workshop. To apply for the workshop, click here.

29Aug 2011

IPSA Congress Madrid 2012 – Panels proposed by RC08-Legislative Specialists (RCLS )

On the IPSA Congress in Madrid 2012 RCLS will organize three panels: (1) The role of parliamentary opposition in the legislative process; (2) The role of representative assemblies in autocratic and semi-democratic systems; (3) The costs and benefits of organized interest representation in the parliamentary process. Non members of RCs are encouraged to participate in RC sessions. The names of the RCs and an invitation to non-members to submit paper proposals to the RC Chairs will be displayed on the IPSA Congress website as of August 31, 2011. Deadline to submit RC panel proposals is August 18, 2011. For panel abstracts and application rule see here.

22Mar 2011

Annual Conference of Australian Study of the Parliament Group on "The Executive v the Parliament: Who wins?"

The Australian Study of the Parliament Group invites legislative specialists to attend their Annual Conference from 6th to 8th October 2011 at Parliament House, Melbourne. The conference is entitled "The Executive v the Parliament: Who wins?" The topic this year raises a number of issues about modern Parliaments and whether the changes occurring in the ways Parliaments operate over the years have strengthened our parliamentary democracy. Papers should be submitted by 31th May (500 word abstract). Detailed information on the topics that might be covered by paper givers, their submission, and concerning conference organizers can be found here.

10Mar 2011

International Workshop “Changing Modes of Parliamentary Representation” (October 2011 in Prague)

Workshop organized by IPSA’s Research Committee on Legislative Specialists (RC08) and 6th FP project RECON – Reconstituting Democracy in Europe, WP3 Host Institution: Institute of Sociology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The workshop will take place at the Academic Conference Center, Prague 1, Jilská 4a on 14-15 October 2011. The purpose of the workshop is to address the current issues in parliamentary research and broaden the research agenda. Organizational issues of the workshop include discussion of the final results and theoretical contributions of the WP3 “Representation and Institutional Make-up” to the REON Project and RCLS Meeting aimed at discussing practical and organizational aspects of RC LS such as future events, publications etc. Deadline for paper proposals is May 15 - see our Upcomin section for further details.

11Nov 2010

RCLS at SPSA annual meeting in New Orleans

Three RCLS’s panels will be working at the upcoming SPSA annual meeting in New Orleans, USA in early January. In addition, RCLS’s annual business meeting will take place there, as well. The panels and the business meeting are scheduled for January 8, 2011 (Saturday). If you are interested in attending and for more details, please contact Dr. Khmelko at: Irina-Khmelko@UTC.edu. The preliminary program of all RCLS panels and the date of our business meeting are available in our Upcoming section.

02Jul 2010

Call for Papers to the SPSA Meeting in 2011

The RCLS has pleasure in appending a call for proposals to the 82nd SPSA annual meeting, being held at New Orleans, Louisiana on January 6-8, 2011. We ask the scholars of legislatures to again consider the issue of legislative institution building. We are especially interested in papers that allow for practical implications of research. See Call for Papers SPSA Meeting 2011here.

24Apr 2010

Past Activities: RCLS Panel on the PSA Conference in Edinburgh

From March 29th to April 1st 2010 in Endinburgh/UK PSA Conference "Sixty Years of Political Studies: Achievements and Futures" was held. RCLS had a Panel organized by its Co-Chair Peverill Squire headlined "The Past, Present, and Future of Bicameralism" (see more at the Past Activities section.

24Apr 2010

Past Activities: RCLS Panel on IPSA 2010 Conference in Luxemburg

On the IPSA 2010 Conference in Luxemburg "Is There a European Model of Governance? A Comparative Perspective" RCLS had a panel "Democratic Representation in European Model of Governance". The proposed panel concentrated on the principles of democratic representation in European Model of governance. See panel details, title and authors of the paper, and the full program of the IPSA conference at the our Past Activities section.

14Jan 2010

Past Activities: RCLS Meeting at the Annual Meeting of SPSA in Atlanta

RCLS met at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Political Science Association in Atlanta, GA, from January 7 to January 9 2010. Irina Khmelko from Georgia Southern University at Statesboro organized two panels on behalf of RCLS: “Legislative Institution Building in Developing Democracies” and "Parliamentary Audit and Scrutiny of Ex-poste Government Spending". RCLS also had its business meeting there (see here for the minutes).

30Jul 2009

Past Activities: RCLS in Santiago de Chile

(Not only) as far as RCLS is concerned, the IPSA congress in Santiago has been a great success. All our four panels were well attended, and inspiring papers were presented. Many thanks once more to our (now) past program chair, Ron Hedlund, who has done a great and demanding job in pulling our program together! Here you will find the minutes of our business meeting with some relevant news. They include, among other things, the names of our new officers and of the new executive committee of RCLS. The officers are:

  • co-chairs: Werner J. Patzelt, Peverill Squire
  • program chair: Zdenka Mansfeldová
  • treasurer: Ned Schneier

(Contact data of our new officers can be found here.) In addition, two of our members have been elected by the IPSA council into IPSA’s executive committee: Irmina Matonyte (second term), Werner J. Patzelt (first term).

14Jun 2009

Welcome to the Website of the Research Committee of Legislative Specialists (RCLS)

This is the website of the Research Committee of Legislative Specialists (RCLS). We are an international collaboration of researchers organized in the International Political Science Association (IPSA). This website addresses members of our Research Committee, researchers from other branches and all persons with an interest in current legislative research. On our website you will find information on upcoming events and past activities of our research committee; you can learn who we are, our aims and how our collaborative work is organized; how to become a member, and which persons to contact for what purpose.

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